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BRRRR Calculator

BRRRR Calculator is used to estimate the costs and profibility of BRRRR in real estate. BRRRR or buy, repair, rent, refinance, and repeat is an investment strategy for real estate investors to build wealth by buying and renovating properties.

Online BRRRR Calculator

House Price $
Down Payment $ %
Cost of Repair $
Closing Cost and Other Fees $
Short Term Loan Interest Rate %
Estimate Repair Time(months)

After Repair

Value After Repair $
House Insurance $
Property Tax $
Monthly Rent $
Vacancy Rate %


Loan to Value Ratio(%) %
Interest Rate
Loan Term
Refinance Closing Cost $

Before Refinance

Loan Amount
Cash Invest
Cash Flow Before Renting
Cash Flow After Renting
Monthly Interest

After Cash Out Refinance

Loan Amount
Cash Back From Refinance
Cash Invest
Monthly Mortgage Payment
Monthly Expense
Cash Flow per Month

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